Beautifully Framed Art Can Add Style And Elegance To Your Home

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This past September we hosted a very special event, the TROWBRIDGE & KRAVET SNEAK PEEK. If you’re not familiar with TROWBRIDGE, they offer the best fine art prints, antique prints, black and white photography, textiles and original works of art all in beautiful handmade Italian wood frames.

Founded in England by Martin Trowbridge, TROWBRIDGE is a well - respected go to in the world of interior design by offering exquisite framed fine art for over 35 years. With the success of this event, we’re inspired to examine what good artwork can do for your living space.

Everything from iconic fashion prints, dramatic landscapes, personal photos in black and white photography can cover an array of subjects and styles. We love their ability to change the feel of their surroundings, whether in a chic and glamorous setting or a rustic low-key room.

A Bold Statement

Black-and-white photographs have an amazing ability to make a bold statement sans color. Though they don’t add any color, black-and-white photographs can really compliment an all-neutral space. They strike a perfect balance by providing a graphic that anchors the room without distracting or over shadowing muted tones and varied textures. 

Whether it’s a vintage reproduction, or a more edgy contemporary, a good black and white photo will add a touch of glamour and style to any space.

Styling Tip: For a room with elaborate architectural detail, try hanging artwork on top of molding. It’s a way to create a casual vibe, while not detracting from the architectural design and elegance.

Because of its lack of color, black-and-white photography, it can be paired with any type of art, giving you endless possibilities. Feel free to mix different styles, genres, and mediums, from oil paintings to basic sketches because the grouping will be tied together by black and white photos feels cohesive thanks in part to these photos., making it cohesive and appear well thought out.

Styling Tip: Start with your own history! You can expand your black-and-white photography collection by looking into your past. Old family photos add a personal touch, can be conversation pieces, and can really demonstrate your skill and talent recognizing the art potential in something otherwise overlooked. It’s also an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to grow your gallery while sharing some of your personal history.


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