Style Can Be Described In A Word Or Two

Posted by Lindsay Smith-Altieri on

We match our accessories and jewelry to our style. Changing up our jewelry can is a fun way to add something extra to our look. Below are some basic tips for changing up any style, in a simple understated manner.

If you love the classic/preppy look, you most likely will have pearls. Change up your look by adding on more pearls to make the look more undone and more dramatic. Layer different types and length to create a bold touch to the classic. Perhaps pearls on a leather and metallic rope.

If you wear mostly athletic wear and very little to no jewelry, try larger stud earrings or adding an extra simple ring. Another idea is layering delicate and intricate pieces. Style should stay true to you who are you reflect your personality, not compete with your clothing.

If you identify with a bohemian/artsy style, then you most likely love handmade, unique jewelry. Look for one of a kind pieces. Check out flea markets, second hand stores, or even estate sales where you’ll find vintage pieces that are sure to be conversation starters.

Speaking of vintage, if your style is more feminine and romantic, wear long necklaces, try layering them, or try a delicate choker and face-framing earrings. Another option for earrings are eye catching beaded chandelier earrings.

If you are a minimalist, one way to change up your look is to layer a few pendants and stack your bracelets. Or try one statement piece pendant and dark thick rimmed glasses.

Remember that your style should always be a reflection of your true self. If you try to mix up your look with what is trendy or a current fad, you run the risk of it not coming across as genuine, or yourself, which of course doesn’t suit anybody and is never in style.

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